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A few fun things to do in Campbeltown. If you have a club, event, etc coming soon, contact us today and we shall add it to this page!

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Munzee is an awesome game which is growing steadily and involves using an inbuilt map to guide you to all the munzees hidden by other players. They can be physical in the form of a QR code such as the one below, or even virtual and you simply click the scan button when you get close enough to the area of deployment. This is a great way to spend the day, you can purchase munzees via their online store, of print your own off for free. It is free to play although if you upgrade you'll get loads of free stuff and a better app software. So download the Munzee app today on Google Play store and get scanning to see how many points you can muster.



This is by far and wide the most popular and well known GPS game out there. Basically after downloading the app and setting yourself up with an account you can use the inbuilt map to locate Geocaching all over the world. You are basically using satellites to locate hidden containers. Each will have a log book for you to sign and date, some may be large enough to hold little keepsakes known as SWAG. The idea is each time you take something from a cache, replace it there and then with something of equal or greater value. The vary in size from tiny cat tag style caches right up to steel drums and bigger. Yep BIGGER!

Take a peep at this video to get you in the know!



Sighter is more for the budding photographer. Use this app to visit fascinating places where people have take a photo of, say, a memorial or a famous statue. Your job is then to take the exact same photograph at the same position. This may sound bland but is really quite difficult until you develop the skill. It is entirely free and will take you to wonderful areas and you'll be awarded points for each successful photo you recapture on your own handset.

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