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In recent times, games have become a lot more sophisticated with many apps downloadable for our smart phones. One of the games I really like is Munzee. A scavenger hunt game you can play using your phones GPS. Being based in Campbeltown I was surprised to see Kintyre was bereft of any Munzees, which come in the physical for of a QR code discretely hidden about the streets, virtual icons on the Munzee built in GPS map, or even an online graphic like this one. The object of the game is to track down and hunt as many of these as you can, earning different amounts of points for different Munzee types. In return you earn statuses on your account, and deploying more Munzees of your own will earn you even more!

Why not download the app today from google store and get hunting? I have hidden several posh Munzees around Campbeltown already, and for an added bonus, if you scan this QR munzee before any other after setting up your account you'll get bonus points!





Watch out for our Toon Stones! Hand painted stones of varying names and designs hidden around the Campbeltown area. Check out this picture of series 1. Have you seen any yet?



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